Quantum Corridor

Indiana’s Public-Private Partnership for the Development of the Most Important Technology Center in the Midwest

Quantum Corridor ™ was formed by Chicago-area technology innovators to drive tech infrastructure to Indiana and create an information-sharing platform for academic researchers, scientific facilities, defense contractors and industry partners. Quantum Corridor ™ is generally restricted to the largest research and education centers and to entities that can use this level of bandwidth.

Quantum Corridor ™ will begin near the Purdue University Northwest Campus in Westville, IN and traverse Lake, Porter, and La Porte Counties, extending to the internet exchange superhub located  in Chicago, approximately 50 miles. 

Funds will be used to purchase equipment that will be used to enhance a publicly-owned asset. 

The project has a 9-month construction period and will utilize private investment (20+%) and READI Grant proceeds (<80%). The project is expected to complete November of 2023.

The project will combine the existing backbone fiber network with the most advanced Ciena optical gear in existence, and it has interest from space exploration ventures, AI entrepreneurs and e-commerce hyperscalers.  

Quantum Corridorwill draw interest from innovative technology companies, create tech job opportunities, and provide the mechanism for opportunity in technology within the rural areas of Porter and LaPorte counties. 

Quantum Corridor ™ Spurring Tech Development in Northwest Indiana

The State of Indiana has committed serious resources to the development of a technology industry in Northwest Indiana.

8.8 fiber miles linking Northwest Indiana to Chicago quantum research facilities.

Looking for an established partner to help to draw investment and customers to Quantum Corridor

State and federal financial support and incentives.

Quantum Corridor ™ is the key infrastructure asset for Indiana’s tech development.

State-wide strategy -- attract large research tech firms and defense contractors.

Quantum Corridor

Phase One

Quantum Corridor ™, the Development of the Gary Airport Land Bank Technology Campus and the Last Mile Connection for the City of Gary. This South Shore project will build and operate the most sophisticated and secure data transport system in the country along the Indiana Toll Road while creating a high-tech 80+ acre campus at the Gary/Chicago Airport and directly confronting the questionable track record of diversity within the big tech community.

Activating 80+ acres of real estate at the Gary/Chicago Airport for the construction and operation of tech buildings will create important jobs in an economically distressed community. Please see the attached South Shore Fiber Map. Quantum Corridor ™ and the Gary Airport Land Bank Tech Campus, together with the creation of last-mile fiber throughout Gary.

Phase One

Expansion of Quantum Corridor ™ across Ohio, into West Virginia, through Pennsylvania and into the Washington DC Area. A Quantum level connection from Chicago to Ashburn, Virginia would be a very interesting asset for the DOD eco-system, Hyperscale Customers, Enterprise Customers, universities and large research firms.

We have already secured access to the optical gear required for this development. The cost of laying our own fiber to cover these miles with basic fiber, however, would be extremely expensive. As such, purchasing a fiber-heavy carrier asset that would take us from the Indiana/Ohio border, through Sandusky, Ohio into Morgantown, WV and into Ashburn is a much stronger and cost-effective strategy. Creating a spur up to New York should be of interest to event-based financial trading markets.

This would create one of the fastest, low latency routes across North America to connect the Midwest to the East Coast along this 600-mile route. This asset would be highly desired and would be one of the most significant infrastructure and carrier network projects around the great lakes since the Jump Trading network.

The Route

Next level Coherent optics light the network from the heart of Chicago extending all the way to La Porte, Indiana. In total The Quantum Corridor ™ stretches 172 miles across Indiana from Illinois to Ohio and includes fiber and conduit making it one of the most valuable tier one assets around the Great Lakes and eventually tying into to future East Coast expansion strategy.

The Team

Tom Dakich

Chief Executive Officer
Past Performance as former CEO / Founder of Digital Crossroad, Practicing attorney for 30+, he has key government, multi-national, and foreign government relationships and has transacted 500+ million dollars’ worth of business.


President and Chief Technology Officer
Past Performance at FITTelco Southwest, CEO serving the Department of Defense and Pentagon, Co- Founder of COEO, a national SIP based company that established points of presence in 39 states. Ryan is also the founder of Ozone Vision.

In The News

Tom Dakich addresses crowd at a panel for Governor Eric Holcomb

Quantum Corridor–Digital Crossroads – $3,995,000 READI/$25,981,220.00 Total Investment – Quantum Corridor will create the first Coherent communication network in the State of Indiana. The network is designed to be quantum ready. Once completed, the network will be among the fastest and most secure networks in the world.

“Northwest Indiana has a much better chance to attract the largest and best technology companies in the world because of the READI grant program. Gov. Holcomb, Secretary Chambers, LG Suzanne Crouch and Heather Ennis all understood this possibility and we thank them for their support.” Thomas P. Dakich, Managing Member, Quantum Corridor, LLC.

Senator Todd Young tours Quantum Corridor ™ facilities with President and CTO Ryan Lafler. He recognizes "once in a generation opportunity for Indiana for potential tech investment"

Indiana is angling for a share of federal money meant to establish regional innovation and technology hubs around the nation, and the Region potentially could benefit


Thirty-four (34) projects were selected by a team representing talent, business development and marketing, infrastructure, quality of place and entrepreneurship and innovation.

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